Random Science

Science is truly random in so many ways. There are many things about the Earth and our Universe that scientists are still discovering. Most people have heard that the Universe is ever expanding, but can you truly wrap your head around that? We live here on Earth and day to day, most people probably forget the Earth is constantly spinning and if it weren't for the sun in the sky they would probably forget the Earth was even rotating around the Sun.

Did you also know that the Femur is the hardest bone in the human body? If you were to stop 10 random strangers on the street, I bet only 5 out of 10 could even tell you that the femur is part of your leg and maybe only 2 out of 10 could tell you it was the hardest bone in your body. It's good that the femur is one of the hardest bones in your body as it bears more weight than almost any other bone.

There are many things unexplained in our daily life, for example many animals cannot eat chocolate. You would think chocolate would be an extremely innocuous substance for almost anyone to eat, but dogs especially can get very sick from Chocolate and could die, so be careful!

Be careful when you are hydrating yourself before or after a big run. If you drink too much water you could actually over hydrate yourself and your brain could actually float in water. This condition is called water intoxication and can be fatal if you are not treated right away. Thankfully water intoxication is very rare and one would have to drink an enormous amount of water for this to happen.

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